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This blog is not like the many which strive to have at least one new post each day. Here it is about quality not quantity.

For the record, I am not religious. I am an atheist, and atheism is not my religion either, so there is no further mention of that to be made. I do often find agreement with believers who are genuine since they have real morals.

And yes it is true, Al Qaeda does not exist.

Rachel Corrie did exist and she will not be forgotten, even though the FBI has.

UPDATE: March 8, 2011

I have received e-mails from people who were sent an e-mail purporting to be from me. There is an attachment as well in a rar file. I did not send this! The file may be a trojan. I do not send unsolicited e-mails to anyone. The posted address is only here for someone to contact me.

No I have not opened any of these rar files.

This activity began not long after I had visits from Israel on my blog. Not proof, but we know how Zionists operate. Could be an FBI operation as well.

Is there any difference between the two?



  1. This is certainly something that makes you think.
    I was pretty sure about BushI and the bringing in of cocaine.
    You are right, though. Even if there were some honest investigative reporters who did their job, they’d either be sabotaged or made into crazies. The Village idiots who are the MSM doesn’t care about whats really happening. All they care about are those big fat paychecks.
    I wonder if President Obama can possibly do anything about this, if he wanted to? Or do they just fuck with everybody?

  2. you said

    “The reason that so many immigrants have been brought into this country over the last thirty years is to smash the middle class whose labor is not profitable for those at the top of this society.”

    That is too true. We are not a democracy. Haven’t been for a long freakin time. We are a corporatocracy. And it will get much, much worse now since yesterdays SCOTUS decision. When teh crazy tea baggin fools get all riled up, well now they have a reason other than being racist.

    And the cell phone deal? Cell phones don’t work in most hospitals. Why can’t they do the same thing in prisons? Since I’ve found your blog, and I have to admit to only reading it a few times, you’ve been spot on. Now you have me thinking more and more. At first, I just thought it was Conspiracy theory. Now you are getting me more and more intersted. I will be coming back to read and learn some more.

    The last post, about AlQueda and Bush the First, I know that that is real. I think it may go as far back as Nixon, at the very least. Probably more so. After all, George I, his father was a war profiteer in cahoots with the Nazi’s. Notice how nobody ever talked about that back when he was runnng for office? And only slight mention of him running the CIA for a long time. Look at what freakin Cheney and W. got away with, and still are. I think that Obama really wanted to do something about it until he got into office. Something definately happened that stopped him dead in his tracks. My imagination could take me to a lot of places. Maybe you could find something out and write a post about it?

    • ” I think that Obama really wanted to do something about it until he got into office.”

      Why do you think that?

      Obama ran as the candidate of “change”. Change what? He never said. The media said he changed something called “racial history” by being elected. Even that is a fraud. Obama is not “black”. He’s a mulatto. The mulatto class has always been used by rich white people to rule blacks in non-white countries such as Haiti (where the blacks overthrew the mulattoes and killed them along with the French who were still hanging around at the time). Obama was mostly raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii, and his white mother before that. He never had a black father or any other active black parentage. So some black jizbag from Kenya is his sole connection to being “black”. And was that ever confirmed through genetic testing, or is Obama’s dope fiend whore mother the only authority for that? Obama’s father might be a Puerto Rican or Dominican with a good deal of black blood, which would make him a “Latino”.

      What does any of that have to do with health care, chronic unemployment, the ever expanding Prison Industrial Complex, the ever expanding numbers of Americans left on the sidewalks, or the CIA and Pentagon committing mass murder in our name and even attacking us as they did on 9/11/2001?

      Obama made no promises or even comments about these issues and was never asked by anyone from the TV “news” while running for office. Obama is no different from the rest of them. They are bag-men (and women) for the super rich who do as they are told. Clerks.

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  • About Me

    I am a former political prisoner of the United States Government. I have served time in both the California Department of Corrections and most recently the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I have a very thick FBI file. The Pentagon and CIA are not fond of me either.


  • The Archives

  • The Mafia, CIA and Major League Baseball

    (continued from bottom left column: Ocean Reef Club)

  • In "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush"Pete Brewton goes into extensive detail about this dope smuggling, quoting taped conversations between Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and dope smuggler Jack DeVoe, who told his story to FDLE personnel while doing time at the Federal Bureau of Prisons FCI in Memphis, Tennessee. Jack DeVoe never indicts Carl Lindner directly, as Lindner keeps a space between himself and the dope man. However, DeVoe did nail Harper Sibley, who was the Chairman of the Board for the Ocean Reef Club. And of course, Harper Sibley did report directly to Carl Lindner.
    And how did a dope smuggler like Jack DeVoe become a condo owner at the Ocean Reef Club? Well, ever hear the name “Bebe Rebozo”? A long time close associate of Richard Nixon; in fact he was Nixon's bag man. Whenever Nixon needed big sacks of tightly bound hundred dollar bills Bebe Rebozo was there with the cash, whether it be a hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars (note: these are 1970's figures). Bebe Rebozo vouched for Jack DeVoe.

  • Carl Lindner
  • Pete Brewton also spends a good deal of time on Carl Lindner. Mr. Lindner is a very interesting guy. In fact the more you manage to learn about Lindner the more you wonder why you have not heard more about him. Carl Lindner is one of the most prolific campaign contributors in American history. Anyone who has been elected to the U.S. Congress in the last forty years knows who he is and was likely glad to make his acquaintance. Carl Lindner was a big supporter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the last election, switching to John McCain later. Business Week magazine took note of that in an article about the biggest donators and political power players. Of course, Business Week never mentioned anything at all about Carl Lindner's sordid history.
    Carl Lindner's sordid history in addition to the Ocean Reef Club's being the landing site of planes from Columbia that were full of cocaine, was also the major benefactor of Charles Keating, the owner of Lincoln Savings. Charles Keating would end up in state prison doing hard time as the face of the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980's, in which Pete Brewton was not the only author to note CIA connections. In fact, Carl Lindner himself was involved in this scandal as owner of Provident Bank and American Financial in Cincinnati, and paid some large fines for admitting to some of the same charges that sent Keating to prison. But Carl Lindner with his connections to the CIA, and hundreds of politicians in Washington and elsewhere, never got so much as a perp walk from the FBI.

    In 1984 Carl Lindner would purchase Keating's Lincoln Savings using money from Drexel Burnham. And who at Drexel Burnham would give Lindner this money? Why junk bond king Michael Milken. This is the same Michael Milken who would a few years later go camping with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) at their Lompac, California facility. Milken was sentenced to ten years at the Lompac camp, but having got to keep over $600 million of his scammed loot (that we know of) he had access to the best lawyers and political connections -including his good friend Carl Lindner- and Milken was soon freed after just eighteen months of camping with the BOP.
    Dope smuggling at the Ocean Reef Club, dirty dealing with Charles Keating in the Savings and Loan scandal, and very close financial ties with junk bond king Michael Milken; and Carl Lindner not only never got a perp walk, but he never gets any bad press -outside of a few books that only a half million people read parts of. Today Carl Lindner is only treated with respect. His sins were never spotlighted by the news media when committed and are never recalled by those outlets today.

    In fact, Carl Linder in being a huge donor to John McCain's campaign did not provoke anyone in the major media to note that John McCain was once involved in a Senate scandal known as “The Keating Five”, as in Charles Keating, who went to prison as owner of Lincoln Savings, and who was a long time close business associate of Carl Lindner. John McCain was one of five senators who helped beat back regulation attempts over Lincoln Savings, and took huge donations from Charles Keating to do so. And there was McCain arm and arm with Carl Lindner as he ran for president and everyone in the “mainstream” media pretended not to notice.

    So what else does Carl Lindner own? How about Chiquita banana. A company that was once known as “United Fruit” when the banana pickers in Guatemala thought they should be paid a decent wage. That was in 1954 and the president of Guatemala at the time thought it was OK for workers to unionize. Big mistake. United Fruit went to the CIA and “The Company” as the CIA are sometimes known, organized a coup d'état, which was a success from the CIA point of view.

    Carl Lindner also had connections to Oliver North and his Central American operations against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. So far as is known this involved purchasing air strips in neighboring Honduras for the Contras to use. Cocaine was flown in from Colombia and out to America from those airstrips. Of course, the crack cocaine epidemic was started in this country by the CIA's importation of cocaine at an 80% discount from the then current street prices. This was detailed in a book called “Dark Alliance”, by Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Gary Webb, who had his career destroyed for doing so.

    George Herbert Walker Bush, Vice President, President and also a previous Director of the CIA, was a friend of Carl Lindner; and there is a picture in “The Mafia, CIA and George Bush” from the Miami Herald of George Bush taking off for a second day of fishing in a boat from the dock of the Ocean Reef Club, accompanied by former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson. Carl Lindner was a big donor to George Bush's campaigns as well.

    George H. W. Bush was a big baseball fan, played at Yale. His son the “War on Terror” President was owner of the Texas Rangers (MLB). George H. W. Bush has been a frequent guest of Houston Astros (MLB) owner Drayton McLane Jr., sitting in the owners box at some point almost every season. Carl Lindner shared a love of baseball as well apparently, as he was the then owner of the Cincinnati Reds (MLB).

    ,,, ,,,

  • Take the Virtual Tour of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Camp at Schuylkill FCI, located at Sunbury rd and Prison rd, Minersville, PA.

    The descriptive photographic tour is hosted on Web pages off the Wordpress blog due to the large size of the photos. The page loads differently in Firefox and IE8, so choose the link that matches your browser.


    Internet Explorer 8


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    • The New York Times has still not reviewed Mark Ames brilliant book "Going Postal", yet every week there's another American who goes off.https://fprison.wordpress.com 6 years ago
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    • Is Obama a Jew? David Remnick, Editor of The New Yorker defines him so. Update posted.https://fprison.wordpress.com 8 years ago
    • Update on Mark T. Wilson and Federal Public Defender's Office refusal to defend Colleen R. LaRose, AKA "Jihad Jane".https://fprison.wordpress.com 8 years ago
    • How deep is the relationship between Mark T. Wilson and US Attorney Michael Levy? Why doesn't the "news" media investigate?https://fprison.wordpress.com 8 years ago
  • Pete Brewton

    Author of "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush". Below you can listen to mp3 audio files of Pete Brewton being interviewed about his book. Mr. Brewton explains in detail how the CIA engages in massive fraud through our major financial institutions, and congress does nothing about it. As Mr. Brewton explains persuasively, if we the people do not have knowledge about what our government does in real time -and this is what the CIA does, hide knowledge from us which we need to know in order to make decisions- then there is no democracy. Mr. Brewton sums up that the United States of America is not a democracy.
  • Files are numbered correctly, but this box.net program that wordpress offers to upload audio files lists the files in reverse order. Begin at "01Brewton_CIA_Business..."

  • The Mafia, CIA and Major League Baseball (continued)

  • There is another guy who was not mentioned in Pete Brewton's book, possibly because he was too young at the time, but who fits the profile of the many who are featured in “The Mafia, CIA and George Bush”. His name is John Moores, and he made his money in a $600 million dollar stock scam. Business Week magazine did an article on John Moores noting his arrogance, projecting a sense of his being untouchable, and he never got a perp walk from the FBI. He did however become the owner of the San Diego Padres MLB team. When John Moores was not having fun taking the tax payers of San Diego county to the cleaners building him a new ballpark for his team for free, John Moores was promoting himself as a “philanthropist”. Hey, it's easy to give away money that you stole. At other times John Moores was a “venture capitalist”. That's very interesting too, the venture capitalist angle, because the CIA is heavily involved in venture capital, though neither the business press nor the regular news media seem to find that worth writing about. Certainly CNN and that lot find it an unthinkable topic for investigation or discussion.

    Then we have Arte Moreno, the “billboard salesman”. He is now the owner of the “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” MLB team. Supposedly Arte Moreno became a billionaire selling billboards. Who knew there was that kind of money to be found in selling billboards? Of course, the cash out sale of his company that made him a billionaire came from Infinity Broadcasting, which was and still is owned by Sumner Redstone, who also owns and controls CBS, Viacom, MTV, BET, Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks.

    How did Arte Moreno sell so much billboard advertising space? Did he have a special hookup? Was the money part of a laundering operation for a certain spooky company based in Langley, Virginia? Arte Moreno's Wikipedia entry says that he is a “private guy” who declines to discuss how he became so wealthy selling billboards. Though this “private guy” is frequently on TV as owner of the Angels. In fact this “private guy” is one of the most visible owners in MLB.

    When the CIA wanted to kidnap and torture an imam named Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr in Italy they called their friend Philip H. Morse, who just happens to be part owner of the Boston Red Sox MLB baseball team. Philip H. Morse has been quoted as saying that he frequently lent his private jet to “The Company”, who painted over the identifying number and then reapplied the proper marking when they were done with the plane. So who is Philip H. Morse? Well, he's the owner of the Boston Red Sox who is never mentioned when the Red Sox ownership is discussed. How he “earned” his money is also not a topic for discussion. Drugs? Stock scams? Banking scams? All three? Who knows. Philip H. Morse is a connected guy who just happens to own part of the Boston Red Sox baseball team, and a jet plane he frequently lends to the CIA so they can kidnap and torture people in foreign countries.

    What would you want to bet that Philip H. Morse also knows Carl Lindner? And that reporters and editors at the New York Times and The New Yorker know all about these connections between big time financial criminals who just happen to be big donors to politicians, and who are friendly with the CIA. And what about those other owners of Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. How many of them are also connected to the CIA, and how did they “earn” their money used to purchase those teams? Is it just a coincidence that Jane Mayer's writing about the CIA kidnapping program in The New Yorker, and Ben Mcgrath's writing about Major League Baseball (MLB) for The New Yorker, never converge in the pages of that magazine?

    And when the associates of Carl Lindner and his ilk occasionally get pinched by the Justice Department they go camping with the Federal Bureau of Prisons for a little while, and the media act as if they were punished. This is the circle of crime that they call “Freedom, Liberty and Democracy”. And this circle of crime is running the United States of America.


  • Joseph Hirko, Enron Stock Scam artist
  • The FBI's latest big corporate prosecution is Enron stock scam artist Joseph Hirko. While the FBI is sending people with no money to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for years for uploading movies and MP3 files, Joseph Hirko who ruined the lives of thousands of people will be going camping with the Federal Bureau of Prisons for just 16 months. If you have not read the post about BOP prison camps on this blog you really need to so that you understand just what a farce and outrage the so-called conviction of Joseph Hirko is.


  • Michael Stiles
    Senior Vice President, Administration & Operations for the Philadelphia Phillies MLB team


  • In late 1995 Dr. Jose Francisco Pena Gomez was bankrolling his Dominican presidential campaign with narco-profits earned on the streets of Philadelphia,
    Baltimore, New York City and Boston. Four Pennsylvania Bureau of Narcotics Investigation (BNI) officers were all over him and his organization doing the dealing. The BNI wanted to take down the whole operation. There was a problem though. The CIA did not want the operation touched at all. The CIA wanted to know all the details, and wanted surveillance of the operation to continue, but no arrests. This way if Gomez won the election the CIA could blackmail him. The
    BNI officers refused. That is when Michael Stiles stepped in as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Michael Stiles proceeded to
    destroy the careers of the four BNI officers, not only killing the major case against Gomez and his crew, but emptying Pennsylvania state prisons of
    drug dealers put there by the four BNI officers.

    You can read about this in detail by doing a Google search for "Michael Stiles, Dominican Connection" without the quotes. It is one of the most sordid
    and corrupt cases ever in U.S. history, and has not been reported upon except by the Philadelphia Citypaper. Within six years of doing this dirty work
    for The Company (CIA), Michael Stiles would find himself working as a well paid senior executive for the Philadelphia Phillies MLB team. What does
    Stiles do to receive his big paycheck? No one really knows. The "news" papers in Philadelphia (Inquirer and Daily News) are bankrupt financially
    because they were bankrupt ethically and morally. Why read them? There is nothing in them -ever- about Michael Stiles and what he does for the Phillies
    MLB team, nor what he did to those four BNI officers who tried to do their job.

    Though The New Yorker frequently publishes articles about MLB and the CIA, The New Yorker never connects the CIA to narcotrafficking or MLB. An unfortunate situation, both because The New Yorker is an intellectual publication with a large audience, and as it is one of the few “mainstream” publications left that writes anything critical about the CIA.


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