Federal Prison Camp

Have you ever heard of a prison “camp”? How about “club fed”? I myself never heard of a prison “camp” until I arrived at one. This is what is known as “club fed”.

I arrived at the camp on the grounds of Schuylkill FCI in Minersville Pennsylvania in the late summer of 2005. I actually thought I was going to the FCI, and stopped at the front office of the camp because it looked like one of those information buildings at a state or national park. I was shocked to see men dressed in what looked like green prison attire walking around the office area. I soon found out that I was at the right place.

After getting my picture taken for an ID card right there I was told to stand outside the office where a skinny, sad looking guy was also waiting. I would find out that he was a chiropractor from northern New Jersey who had a “year and a day” sentence to serve for participating in an insurance scam. I would also soon become conscious of the fact that those who had this peculiar sentence of ”a year and a day” were rats, though that made them one of the majority at the camp, which was loaded with rats.

One day I sat down to eat breakfast with a white guy with the same first name as me. He proceeded to tell me about his narcotics smuggling, which was extensive. That surprised me as here we were at a so-called “prison” where there was no fence. Anyone there could walk away. I wondered how he could end up there, and I guess he sensed that, or knew before talking to me that I would. He finished by telling me that he was the son of a U.S. Attorney. It was all I could do not to spit out my food.

Then there was the corrupt cop from the Boston area. I didn’t like him from the get go, nor he me.

There were some lawyers and CPAs there too. Some guy who uploaded MP3 files to the internet (he had a good job on the street too, not anymore) who was prosecuted by the FBI out of northern Virginia. But the overwhelming majority of those at the camp were narcotraffickers. Only a couple were there for marijuana trafficking. Most were street level thuggish types who dealt crack. Exactly the type who fill most prisons.

And a lot of them did not stay there.

When I say did not stay, I mean that on a weekend they might be as far away as Philadelphia or even New York city, walking and driving around doped up, visiting a “ho” and their dope dealing buddies. Then they would come back, usually. Once while I was there a guy went to New York and did not come back.

But life at the Camp was so sweet that most came back. That’s when they got caught. No one ever got caught leaving. This is quite a concept that the Feds have for incarceration. They keep around ten percent of their prisoners in camps. All camps are like this, no fence. Anyone who wants a cell phone has one. Anyone who wants liquor and dope at near street prices has it. Behind the fence everything would cost at least ten times as much.

I was only there a month, sitting in the rock garden -it looked like a little park, a rock garden setting out of Better Homes and Gardens, right next to the regulation size running track with a greenhouse and vegetable garden on the other side- one evening just after dinner when four inmates playing cards broke out in loud laughter and one slapped his knee and exclaimed “Damn I’m having fun! If I could hit pussy twice a week I would never leave!”

A few months later in winter a black inmate from Washington D.C. who had nowhere to go after his sentence hid in a closet in one of the two units when he was called to go. The counselor nearly had to drag him out. He was rearrested less than a week later and they assigned him behind the fence at the FCI at Schuylkill rather than the camp because they knew he would not stop coming back if they allowed him to return to the camp.

It occurred to me that the Feds treat a percentage of inmates so well that it would be a great idea for any homeless American to get himself a Federal sentence at a camp. Surely no homeless “shelter” can compare.

The camp at Schuylkill not only had a track, it had weights outside on the track area and inside. Full size Olympic sets such as you would find at a fitness club. Powered treadmills and Stairmasters. Exercise bicycles. Racket ball courts.

And a lot of these inmates seemed to be bulletproof too. A black inmate named “pimp” went to the Hole twice for 30 days for testing positive for marijuana, which he never stopped smoking. Of course, he had his own cell phone too.

Another black inmate -”GI”- who seemed like a certifiable psychopath, someone who should definitely be locked behind a fence, was doing a long stretch of his nine year sentence for cocaine distribution at the camp, and doing it drunk every night of the week while talking on his cell phone. He would take his picture with the phone and post his picture on dating Web sites along with his cell phone number. He had six different “bitches” calling him throughout the week. He would have conversations with them that sometimes devolved into speaking of “fucking you in the ass until you bleed.” He took a picture of his erect penis and posted that on a Web site too.

One evening-actually about 2:30 AM- “GI” was caught talking to one of his “bitches” on the speakerphone by a C.O. (BOP correctional officer) who just pointed at “GI” and said “You owe me one!”

About three months later “GI” left through the front entrance one morning, released back to the community. He never went to the Hole, never lost his cell phone even. Never stopped drinking or posting pictures of his dick on the Web.

And you the tax payer paid about $30,000 per year for this. For nine years. $270,000.

You can buy a nice house for that.

Then there was the street level crack dealer from Philly. I read his paper work from his appointed attorney who was appealing his case -on the taxpayers money- and he was doing a combined eight years for being caught with crack rocks inside a Bic lighter and a handgun in the waistband of his pants. This inmate was caught at the camp with a cell phone and he too never went to the Hole for that, but they did write him a “shot” -slang for an Incident Report- a serious 108 offense. This should have sent him to the Hole and then onto a bus for a trip behind the fence at an FCI for the duration of his offense. But this crack dealer was special. Not as special as “GI”, but not just any inmate so he never lost his bunk at the camp.

Until a month later. That time on a routine “shakedown” a C.O. discovered two unsmoked marijuana joints inside his personal phone book inside his locker. That’s actually against the law, not just BOP regulations, but all this got the Inmate was a trip to the Hole for 60 days where he was still able to order bags of candy. No commissary restriction. Then it was back to the camp for more cell phone calls and pot smoking.

Of course, when I say that such and such inmate was “special”, that’s a relative term. There were around 325 inmates at the camp at Schuylkill FCI and perhaps more than half of them were “special”. It just isn’t possible for me to say for sure. The number might actually be larger, I cannot be sure and I don’t want to exaggerate. I do know that there were at least one hundred cell phones on the camp compound on any given day, and many of those phones were shared by more than one inmate. Pick any week of the year and at least two thirds of the inmate population there had made a cell phone call that week.

It cannot be stressed enough that the Federal Bureau of Prisons is completely aware of this situation. Their understanding is even better than mine. All the way up to the senior levels. As for the Justice Department, they do not want to know.

And the “news” media? No question they have known for two or more decades of this situation and keep the information secret from the public.

The campers are also able to have sex -with women- at the camp. At Schuylkill there was no C.O. in the visiting room. That’s right. Visitors came in with no check from staff and then were left alone with the inmates. There were two bathrooms and a large closet that was left unlocked giving the inmates and their guests three rooms to take turns having sex.

Andrew Fastow, the ex-CFO of Enron was not at Schuylkill, but he is doing his time at a camp. He started out at Oakdale in Louisiana and has now moved to the camp at Florence Colorado. While at Oakdale he received visits from his wife and girlfriend at the same time. They sat on opposite sides of the visiting trailer and Fastow went back and forth. Six years at a camp, that is punishment for one of the worst financial crimes in known history? Fastow was the one who socked away the money. It was reported that over one thousand accounts set up by him in the Caymen Islands were discovered. How many were not found? Fastow got away with tens if not hundreds of millions and lives it up at the camp.

Schuylkill had an inmate like this who was understood to have gotten away with $45 million. He looked happier than most people you meet at a vacation resort. Probably because those people at the resort are paying for it and don’t have $45 million in the bank waiting for them when they get home.

And why did the drug dealers come back after giving themselves an unauthorized furlough? Most were delusional about their options in life such as dreaming about being a rap star, or investing some of their unconfiscated gains in a business and “going legit”. Or maybe they just figured that if they did their time they would make dependable rats on the street and could deal dope until caught and then stay out by giving up information on others. A Puerto Rican inmate from New York told me about a dope dealer from that state who he never saw busted, but who lived in an expensive house and drove expensive cars. He was of the opinion that it was impossible for the police not to know. And if they know, there is no problem making a case, unlike what you hear on talk radio and Court TV. The cops do what they want and get away with it.

Remember that cop from Boston? It’s not just the Feds who have cops locked up. State prisons have them too, and most cops who get busted never do time, they just get fired and become security guards. And for every crooked cop who goes down ten do not. Dope is corrupting every area of this society.

The “War on Drugs” was lost decades ago. America has five percent of the world’s people and twenty five percent of the world’s prisoners. Most of those prisoners are doing time for dope dealing or dope related crimes that involve acquiring money to pay the dope man.

Have you heard the latest news from Mexico? The country is now basically under control of dope dealers. So is Columbia. Probably most other Central American countries are as well. Venezuela is not so the CIA wants to overthrow Hugo Chavez.

How do you think all that dope gets here? Oh sure a good percentage of it comes in through dope smugglers like you read about in the “news” papers, but the majority of it is shipped in by the CIA and Pentagon. Read Dark Alliance by the now deceased Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb, or “The CIA, Mafia and George Bush” by Pete Brewton.

Did you know that the Taliban shut down the growing of opium poppies a year before the Pentagon invaded Afghanistan? Not a coincidence. The Golden Triangle became the top producer of opium during the Vietnam war. The Pentagon shipped the product back here.

Are there files in the Pentagon that detail this drug smuggling? No. Are there files which create suspicion that there is such trafficking going on? Probably, but you’ll never see them. The same scenario exists over in Langley.

And even if the suspicious files were released somehow the pedophiles at the cable “news” networks and their counterparts at the “news” papers would only attack anyone who pointed this out as a “conspiracy theorist”.

I have a few questions for you. Who are the 19 hijackers on 9/11/2001? Can you even name half of them? Can you tell me what countries and what cities in those countries that even half of those hijackers were from? Did you ever know these answers?


Go to the archives of the New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times. The answers are not there. The TV “news” does scare pieces to keep you on board the “War on Terror” train to financial insolvency, but they never produced any answers to the important questions about 9/11.

How about The New Yorker, did that magazine produce a 20,000 word article about the hijackers and their time in Germany? I’m a subscriber; no such information is in the archives.

Every journalist, editor and TV news producer knew by the afternoon of 9/11 when they saw Building Seven (WTC7) come down that what they witnessed was a murderous act of treason by the special ops crew at the Pentagon and CIA. The anthrax was overkill, a second Jack Ruby in the garage.

And what do you know about the anthrax? A direct assault on the TV media and yet the “news” media have demonstrated no concern about what happened there. The archives are barren of answers.

If you talk to a prison guard whether state or Federal what is a part of his background? He’s ex-military. Same with the police, probation and parole officers in your town. It is one giant enterprise. The majority of the military members, police and prison personnel all have family connections in the same line of work. It is one big family enterprise. Most of them rarely give it much thought as to what they are involved in, it’s just a job. But they are in the enterprise. They follow orders without questioning those orders. They assist in perpetuating the evil even while not directly committing criminal acts.

In Hollywood all the journalists are crusaders for truth and justice. In reality American journalists are crusading for a book deal, TV appearances and paid speaking gigs.

The “liberal” media is always providing scathing commentaries about tax dollars being wasted on the poor; but it is the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, police and prisons that get half our tax dollars. The European Union has nearly a hundred million more people yet our Prison Industrial Complex dwarfs theirs. It is the same with the intelligence agencies.

The EU spends just twenty cents for every dollar we spend on our intelligence agencies headed by the CIA, which now takes over $100 billion per year in tax money.

The opinion pages and TV channels on the cable “news” stations are populated with foaming-at-the-mouth rants about the cost of food stamps, but the same outlets masturbate in orgasmic delight at the sight of Tomahawk cruise missiles murdering women and children. And at a cost of over a million dollars per missile.

No mention is even made of the legions of homeless Americans littering our urban streets. Go to Canada and visit any or every major city, and you will not see a homeless Canadian. Is that because a cup of soup is enough to jump start a paranoid schizophrenic Canadian into pulling him or herself up by their bootstraps? No, Canadian tax dollars build apartments and provide psychiatric care for such citizens.

Canada does not have a Pentagon nor anything resembling our intelligence bureaucracy. Which is also the reason Canada has not had a 9/11. No militarized bureaucracy in need of creating a reason for its existence.

If you doubt anything I have written about Federal prison camps then don’t just sit there. I never passed through a gate before pulling into the lot at Schyulkill Federal Prison Camp. That facility is more than a full city block away from the real prison below, Schuylkill FCI. You too can park outside the front office. You can see the two units where the inmates sleep and party all night long from the parking lot. You could take good pictures with a digital camera and telephoto lens.

Before you get to the office though, there is another driveway by a warehouse. That is the UNICOR facility. You could turn in there and drive around back. You will see above you the greenhouse and right behind it is the rock garden, and just above that the track and baseball field along with weights and racketball courts. Drive in there on a weekday before 3:00 PM and you could park and go visit with the inmates in the rock garden. Bring some beer with you in a cooler and they’ll be happy to chat with you. Beer is too heavy to lug through the woods so no one has that.

Count time is at 4:00 PM and inmates head back to the units around 3:30 PM. Other counts are at 10:00 PM, midnight, 3:00 AM and 5:00 AM. Anytime in-between those counts you can circulate at the camp as an inmate by wearing grey sweat pants, a grey t-shirt or grey sweatshirt, and Nike, Reebok or New Balance athletic shoes. The shoes have to be white or black, or a combination of white and black.

You can sneak through the woods after dark and hang out in the units watching TV with the inmates at night. After ten PM there is only one C.O. on duty and he just sits in the front office until count time when another C.O. from the prison down below comes up to help count the inmates (That can be fun at night too, because if an inmate is missing sometimes another inmate will run over to one unit and jump in that inmates bed to be counted, and then run out the backdoor and jump in his bed in the other unit to be counted again. There are four floors in each unit.). You could bring a camera and photograph the whole compound including the poolroom (two tables), weight room, cardio room (Stairmasters etc.), classrooms etc.

If you’re a ladies man then you might want to stop in during the day Monday thru Friday and introduce yourself to the teacher there, Krazy Kim. Among Schuylkill prison staff she is known as “the best blow job on the compound”. Oh the things that go on with your tax dollars.

Of course, you shouldn’t need to do something like this. That’s what the news media is for. But we don’t have real reporters and journalists in this country. So if you want to check out what I’m writing you’ll have to do so yourself.

UPDATE: December 10, 2009

I just discovered the conviction of Joseph Hirko of Enron infamy. This is really outrageous. 16 months in a camp for this bloodsucking scumbag. If he were sentenced to pick up trash on weekends for 16 months that would be 100 times worse for him. Of course, the Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesperson if asked will claim that Joseph Hirko will have to work 7 hours a day, five days a week.

Here’s how this scam works in prison for rich guys like Hirko. After being at the camp for 4 – 6 weeks for “orientation” wherein Hirko won’t be assigned a job, he will get himself a job as an orderly, usually cleaning a bathroom. He will never once swing a mop though. Instead he will pay one of the poor inmates at the camp his monthly salary, which will probably be about $20 – $25 per month for a job like that. He may kick in another ten bucks on top of that. So at most it will cost Hirko about ten bucks a month not to work at all. Officially the BOP will have Hirko listed in their records as scrubbing a bathroom for seven hours a day. He will even have a Federal Bureau of Prisons guard sign off on this every month even though Hirko will never talk to and likely never see this prison cop. Another inmate will bring Hirko the paperwork to sign at the end of the month. But the written records the Federal Bureau of Prisons keep will say otherwise. Like most records concerning inmates that the Federal Bureau of Prisons keep, they are a total fraud.

At Schuylkill Sam Waksal not only never worked, he paid an inmate to make his bed for him every day, clean his cubicle and do his laundry.Waksal spent a good deal of his week during normal working hours Monday thru Friday sitting down in the front office with his feet up on the desk making phone calls while other inmates were kept outside, but could watch him through the large floor-to-ceiling window pains.

If Joseph Hirko likes Cuban cigars he will be smoking them while he serves his sentence. If Joseph Hirko likes 18 year old scotch, he will be drinking it while he serves his 16 month sentence.  If Joseph Hirko wants his dick sucked by an attractive woman, she will make a trip through the woods, or be put on his visiting list, and then hook up with him in a visiting room closet or bathroom. This is what the FBI calls Justice, and it is what the “news” media in America will not tell the people.

NEW UPDATE: January 27, 2010

New Virtual Tour of Schuylkill FCI Federal Prison Camp.



Page will not load the same for all browsers. Stunning photographic tour of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Schuylkill FCI camp located off the US 81 Interstate and state highway 901 near Minersville Pennsylvania.

Bing Maps search term is:  sunbury rd and prison rd,minersville,pa

Enjoy your virtual trip!


UPDATE: January 31, 2010

Cameron Douglas son of actor Michael Douglas

Is Cameron Douglas the next high profile inmate to arrive at the Federal prison camp at Schuylkill FCI? News reports say that Douglas is snitching to try to slash a ten year mandatory minimum sentence (that still qualifies him for federal prison camp placement, which is ten years or under). If so then Cameron Douglas will fit right in at Schuylkill where nine out of ten inmates are snitches. Joe Nacchio may not be the most high profile inmate at the Schuylkill FCI Federal prison camp for much longer. Cameron Douglas’ case being out of New York city gives him a high probability of being placed at Schuylkill FCI.


UPDATE: March 16, 2010

Michael David Barrett World Famous Cell Phone Cameraman

Michael David Barrett, talented cell phone cameraman, was sentenced to thirty months in Federal prison yesterday in Los Angeles. He appears to have no criminal history and was employed as an insurance salesman when arrested so he should be headed to a Federal prison camp run by the BOP.  Unless he is sent to a camp only facility though it will not be possible to tell just by using the BOP Inmate Locator. If you look up Joseph Nacchio in the locator it will tell you he is at Schuylkill FCI, but in fact he is at the camp, or Schuylkill FPC. Andrew Fastow really brings up a belly laugh as he is listed as being at ADMAX in Florence! That is the 24 hour lock down unit where the most dangerous and notorious are housed. Fastow is at the sweet camp in Florence adjacent to the ADMAX facility. Of course, ADMAX is where Fastow really belongs, and he should never be realeased. He is a pathological bloodsucker, the scum of humanity.

Lots of cell phones where Michael David Barrett is headed. He’ll probably have a picture of Erin Andrews naked butt as his background wallpaper on his phone.The pictures and video are all over the Internet because Erin Andrews won’t shut up about it. Michael David Barrett is the best thing that ever happened to her. She should visit him at the camp.

Your tax dollars at work.

UPDATE: July 28, 2010

So Cameron Douglas finally got his time started. I was close in my prediction. Lewisburg is near Schuylkill, which does not have a “drug program”. Many of the snitch bastards at Schuylkill would leave Schuylkill and go to Lewisburg so they could get in this program. Why you wonder would these partying fools want to get in a “drug program”? Because they get a year off their sentence! Cameron Douglas just got sentenced to five years, 60 months. His good time in the BOP is only 54 days per year. His out-date would be in 2014. The BOP already has him down for 2013 and you will see a story sometime in late 2012 about Cameron Douglas being released and you will say to yourself “five years is up already?” For Cameron Douglas it will be. And Cameron Douglas will never be violated by US Probation and sent back to “prison” either. And if he did he would go right back to the 24 hour party the Federal Bureau of Prisons runs at their camps. Justice in America. If you love it then you are one sick puppy.

If you would like to write to Cameron Douglas and ask him about the party atmosphere (like all dope fiends and snitches he’ll lie) at the camp in Lewisburg the proper address is:

Cameron Douglas


Federal Prison Camp

P.O. Box 2000

2400 Robert Miller Drive

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 17837

That number (70707-054) is Cameron Douglas’ Inmate ID. It must be on any correspondence sent to him or they will return it. And remember, if you want to visit Cameron Douglas there are two ways to do so. The official BOP way or through the woods! He’s at a camp.



  1. The classification system in the BOP is a great thing. It attempts to group first time offenders and small fry from the professional criminals (crack dealing familys etc) however the system is polluted by US Attornies who give out camp and community corrections (half way houses) assignments to “rats”. I met each one of the guys you describe – not them but their architype. the experience let me know there is a difference between me (DWI on a military installation) and a guy thats been selling crack since the 3rd grade. Im not in their league. Another thing – I had always wondered how the justice system could refuse to acknowledge a mentally retarded offender was a special case. They cant because most of those who have grown up in the crime game are developmentally challenged to some degree ranging from ADHD to full retardation. To recognize that impairment would impact, in my rough estimate, 85% of habitual, long term offenders if not more. The biggest scandal is the privatization of government authority. It amazes me politicians say privitization saves the government money because a the government cannot make the function pay for itself. Now what BUSINESSMAN would take over a government function that was NOT profitable? So we get Wackenhut, Unicore, blackwater, ACS all functiong as a quasi government agency. This country is under attack and has been under attack for a long time. Washington is full of carpet baggers, crimminals and traitors. They have done everything but put a match to the constitution.

    • Oh the BOP’s classification system is bullshit. They jigger the points and do what they want. Inmates who rat inside the prisons get sent to camps by BOP Case Managers.

      You should count yourself fortunate that you are not in the same “league” with crack dealers. Not only them but the white collar guys too. I found many of the white collar guys at the Schuylkill FCI camp extremely disturbing. They were highly sociopathic, some outright psychopaths, who still functioned at a high level. They are more dangerous than the crack dealers. They all supported the “War on Terror” too. Loved FOX News and Rush Limbaugh. I got along with them like oil and water go together.

      One of these characters was “Doc”. An actual MD who was doing seven years as the story goes for diluting flu vaccines. He was a psychopath. Should have received seventy years behind the fence.

      One guy claimed to have been a bag man for the CIA. His bunky was Crazy George, the computer hacker doing time for uploading MP3s to the Internet. George was paranoid and had his girlfriend enter the CIA bagman’s info into the BOP Inmate Locator.

      Nothing came up.

      The CIA bagman was a camp rat too. Would pull out a paper pad from his top pocket and write down the name of an inmate seen stealing food from the kitchen, making no effort to hide it. One of the black kids from Washington DC finally had enough and socked him. That was the end of his time at the camp. The CIA bagman was an untouchable.

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  2. Too funny and too familiar. Only at FCI Pleasanton tears back it was co-ed so not only were you doing time in a gull-wing redwood and glass designer building with grasses landscaped grounds you were walking hand in hand with one or two girls.
    It was 2 girls for every guy as there were 2 womens units and only one mens.
    Talk about playing hide and seek with the cops to get some nookie, it was hilarous, I haven’t written my account of the BOP yet, I was an institutional designer when they were doing a 5mil upgrade to another institution I was at. I had authorized india ink in my room , which meant I was to one to see if you were thinkin on upgrading your skin art. The whole BOP is nothing but a mind fuck. The physical facilities ARE better than the streets for all the homeless.
    When ever a bumb asks me for spare change I tell em to go rob a bank.
    A. if you get away with it get cleaned up never do it again, shut up and you can change your life.
    B. you get caught you go to club fed, 3 hots and a cot, movies, with popcorn, free ice, free advice, education, employment.
    C. you’ll get shot and die and none of the above will matter.

    In any event the government make so much money off the BOP corp. tax free, prison labor, anti-trust violation stealing contracts from the public sector. I know I was in Facilities management and had a class action law suit against UNICOR when I left.

    My crime title 50 USPC False Information On a Passport Application 5 years, day for day, I did no paper, they cankiss my ass on the revolving door shit.
    Living well is the best revenge, the tunkeys are still doing their 20 years on the instalment plan. 8 hrs a day for 20 years, hell they’ll do more time inside than me, lol

  3. Oh yea there was pot growing under the baseball bleachers in FCI Pleasanton too;)

  4. Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  5. I have never heard about prison “camp” before. Great article, i haven’t lately been so much excited when reading an article.

  6. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

    • Great information.We live real close to Schuylkill FCI camp located off the US 81 Interstate and state highway 901 near Minersville Pennsylvania. Nothing is ever what it looks like on the outside and not many people in the area have a clue about whats going on at the camp.Thank you for a vary interesting report,great job.

  7. I like your style, the particular inescapable fact that your webpage is a little bit different tends to make it so useful, I get tired of discovering same-old-same-old almost all of the time. I have I just stumbled on this page by you Thank you.

  8. That’s funny.. I was cam’s bunky at lewisburg.. I will never forget what he said to me the first day he got there fresh off the bus from brooklyn.. when asked what he thought of the place he replied with a stoner smile,” this place isn’t that bad! Its like a petting zoo” as he was stroaking one of ten of the rogue kittens that frequented the camps grounds, surviving off tuna and mac fed by generous inmates.

    I left a week after cam arrived but had already heard a few circles of inmates jokingly plot ways to extort him.

    Sure there’s a lot of rats, but there’s also a lot of cheese in this life. The feds are the real gangters.. those who get caught are just the necessary fuel for the machine that is the doj.

    • Interesting you should mention extortion. It sounds ridiculous at a camp, but there was a guy at Schuylkill from Philly who it was said owned a skyscraper there valued at $900 million, and was doing six months at the camp for tax evasion. The black guy I write about who was caught with the cell phone and never had the phone even taken from him; well, it was around the camp that he had extorted $1500- from this rich guy from Philly when he first arrived. I nearly fell off my seat upon hearing that, but I don’t doubt it was true. I saw the rich guy sucking up to that psychopath and giving him a lot of his paid for contraband, both food and liquor. Probably he was the main source for psycho’s six night a week drunken evenings.

      Unfortunately, the media would love this story about Cameron Douglas being victimized “in prison”. The media is the biggest scam in America. They are truly responsible for everything that is wrong. A woman could walk around the track after dark in a bikini, and when one of the camp gangstas made his move flash her cell phone at him and say “I’ll call the front office and have you put on the bus!”. Bigtime gangsta would pull his sweatshirt over his face and run back to the unit. Then tell everyone “don’t go out there, bitch tryin’ ta book yo azz behind da fence!”

      How much would you pay to watch an episode of MSNBC’s “Lockup Raw: Federal Prison Camp”? That’s pay-per-view right there.

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  9. I was a prisoner at FCI Pleasanton from 1986 to 1988 and then transferred to a “rent-a-cell” county facility–Geiger Corrections in Spokane, WA from 1988 to 1992. Pleasanton was an administrative facility which meant we had everything from the DUI on federal property to life-without.

    I was there for bank robbery and it was under the old law so my 10 year sentence only got me 6 years after good time.

    Sure, we had snitches, we had corruption, definitely the former “CIA pilots” who transported drugs because they’d done it so often for their former employers, yada yada yada (just in case you’re in doubt–a pile of lies) and other such crap but for the most part it was just a bunch of cons doing their time.

    It was a lot quieter there than at most prisons because it was co-ed. Yes, what you heard above is true. There were 2 units of women and 1 unit of men. I don’t think there was quite as much screwing going on as people might think but it was definitely happening.

    I was fortunate–my 10 year sentence put me in a “class” where I was able to get to know the long-timers and they were a much more laid back group than those with a nickel or less.

    We had cats at Pleasanton, too, but they were feral and you couldn’t actually get up close and personal with them. They were always our taste testers. Some of the cooks always put out whatever we were going to get fed for each meal. Whatever the cats wouldn’t eat, we’d make sure to take as much of it as we could and dump it in the trash so we’d be sure not to get it again the next day.

    The things that people out here in the world think that are annoying are:
    * Prison should be all about punishment (the purpose of prison is to remove criminals from society, that’s punishment enough)
    * “You get free medical, dental, education, etc.” The medical care is scary at best, dental care is nearly non-existent, and the education sure isn’t what I hear people talking about. There was no way I was ever going to get my degree while in prison.
    * They provide everything for you. That’s debatable. Sure, you don’t have to spend any money at all. You can get by on what they provide but it’s tough. We used the shampoo they provided free to wash clothes in. It had been known to burn inmates’ scalps. Having some “spare change” came in handy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really bitching. I did the crime, I did the time, and I’m here to tell the story. I generally tell people that prison is a lot better and a lot worse than they imagine.

    Keep the faith–

  10. Is this thread still open?

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  • About Me

    I am a former political prisoner of the United States Government. I have served time in both the California Department of Corrections and most recently the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I have a very thick FBI file. The Pentagon and CIA are not fond of me either.


  • The Archives

  • The Mafia, CIA and Major League Baseball

    (continued from bottom left column: Ocean Reef Club)

  • In "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush"Pete Brewton goes into extensive detail about this dope smuggling, quoting taped conversations between Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and dope smuggler Jack DeVoe, who told his story to FDLE personnel while doing time at the Federal Bureau of Prisons FCI in Memphis, Tennessee. Jack DeVoe never indicts Carl Lindner directly, as Lindner keeps a space between himself and the dope man. However, DeVoe did nail Harper Sibley, who was the Chairman of the Board for the Ocean Reef Club. And of course, Harper Sibley did report directly to Carl Lindner.
    And how did a dope smuggler like Jack DeVoe become a condo owner at the Ocean Reef Club? Well, ever hear the name “Bebe Rebozo”? A long time close associate of Richard Nixon; in fact he was Nixon's bag man. Whenever Nixon needed big sacks of tightly bound hundred dollar bills Bebe Rebozo was there with the cash, whether it be a hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars (note: these are 1970's figures). Bebe Rebozo vouched for Jack DeVoe.

  • Carl Lindner
  • Pete Brewton also spends a good deal of time on Carl Lindner. Mr. Lindner is a very interesting guy. In fact the more you manage to learn about Lindner the more you wonder why you have not heard more about him. Carl Lindner is one of the most prolific campaign contributors in American history. Anyone who has been elected to the U.S. Congress in the last forty years knows who he is and was likely glad to make his acquaintance. Carl Lindner was a big supporter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the last election, switching to John McCain later. Business Week magazine took note of that in an article about the biggest donators and political power players. Of course, Business Week never mentioned anything at all about Carl Lindner's sordid history.
    Carl Lindner's sordid history in addition to the Ocean Reef Club's being the landing site of planes from Columbia that were full of cocaine, was also the major benefactor of Charles Keating, the owner of Lincoln Savings. Charles Keating would end up in state prison doing hard time as the face of the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980's, in which Pete Brewton was not the only author to note CIA connections. In fact, Carl Lindner himself was involved in this scandal as owner of Provident Bank and American Financial in Cincinnati, and paid some large fines for admitting to some of the same charges that sent Keating to prison. But Carl Lindner with his connections to the CIA, and hundreds of politicians in Washington and elsewhere, never got so much as a perp walk from the FBI.

    In 1984 Carl Lindner would purchase Keating's Lincoln Savings using money from Drexel Burnham. And who at Drexel Burnham would give Lindner this money? Why junk bond king Michael Milken. This is the same Michael Milken who would a few years later go camping with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) at their Lompac, California facility. Milken was sentenced to ten years at the Lompac camp, but having got to keep over $600 million of his scammed loot (that we know of) he had access to the best lawyers and political connections -including his good friend Carl Lindner- and Milken was soon freed after just eighteen months of camping with the BOP.
    Dope smuggling at the Ocean Reef Club, dirty dealing with Charles Keating in the Savings and Loan scandal, and very close financial ties with junk bond king Michael Milken; and Carl Lindner not only never got a perp walk, but he never gets any bad press -outside of a few books that only a half million people read parts of. Today Carl Lindner is only treated with respect. His sins were never spotlighted by the news media when committed and are never recalled by those outlets today.

    In fact, Carl Linder in being a huge donor to John McCain's campaign did not provoke anyone in the major media to note that John McCain was once involved in a Senate scandal known as “The Keating Five”, as in Charles Keating, who went to prison as owner of Lincoln Savings, and who was a long time close business associate of Carl Lindner. John McCain was one of five senators who helped beat back regulation attempts over Lincoln Savings, and took huge donations from Charles Keating to do so. And there was McCain arm and arm with Carl Lindner as he ran for president and everyone in the “mainstream” media pretended not to notice.

    So what else does Carl Lindner own? How about Chiquita banana. A company that was once known as “United Fruit” when the banana pickers in Guatemala thought they should be paid a decent wage. That was in 1954 and the president of Guatemala at the time thought it was OK for workers to unionize. Big mistake. United Fruit went to the CIA and “The Company” as the CIA are sometimes known, organized a coup d'état, which was a success from the CIA point of view.

    Carl Lindner also had connections to Oliver North and his Central American operations against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. So far as is known this involved purchasing air strips in neighboring Honduras for the Contras to use. Cocaine was flown in from Colombia and out to America from those airstrips. Of course, the crack cocaine epidemic was started in this country by the CIA's importation of cocaine at an 80% discount from the then current street prices. This was detailed in a book called “Dark Alliance”, by Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Gary Webb, who had his career destroyed for doing so.

    George Herbert Walker Bush, Vice President, President and also a previous Director of the CIA, was a friend of Carl Lindner; and there is a picture in “The Mafia, CIA and George Bush” from the Miami Herald of George Bush taking off for a second day of fishing in a boat from the dock of the Ocean Reef Club, accompanied by former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson. Carl Lindner was a big donor to George Bush's campaigns as well.

    George H. W. Bush was a big baseball fan, played at Yale. His son the “War on Terror” President was owner of the Texas Rangers (MLB). George H. W. Bush has been a frequent guest of Houston Astros (MLB) owner Drayton McLane Jr., sitting in the owners box at some point almost every season. Carl Lindner shared a love of baseball as well apparently, as he was the then owner of the Cincinnati Reds (MLB).

    ,,, ,,,

  • Take the Virtual Tour of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Camp at Schuylkill FCI, located at Sunbury rd and Prison rd, Minersville, PA.

    The descriptive photographic tour is hosted on Web pages off the Wordpress blog due to the large size of the photos. The page loads differently in Firefox and IE8, so choose the link that matches your browser.


    Internet Explorer 8


  • Twitter Updates

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  • Pete Brewton

    Author of "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush". Below you can listen to mp3 audio files of Pete Brewton being interviewed about his book. Mr. Brewton explains in detail how the CIA engages in massive fraud through our major financial institutions, and congress does nothing about it. As Mr. Brewton explains persuasively, if we the people do not have knowledge about what our government does in real time -and this is what the CIA does, hide knowledge from us which we need to know in order to make decisions- then there is no democracy. Mr. Brewton sums up that the United States of America is not a democracy.
  • Files are numbered correctly, but this box.net program that wordpress offers to upload audio files lists the files in reverse order. Begin at "01Brewton_CIA_Business..."

  • The Mafia, CIA and Major League Baseball (continued)

  • There is another guy who was not mentioned in Pete Brewton's book, possibly because he was too young at the time, but who fits the profile of the many who are featured in “The Mafia, CIA and George Bush”. His name is John Moores, and he made his money in a $600 million dollar stock scam. Business Week magazine did an article on John Moores noting his arrogance, projecting a sense of his being untouchable, and he never got a perp walk from the FBI. He did however become the owner of the San Diego Padres MLB team. When John Moores was not having fun taking the tax payers of San Diego county to the cleaners building him a new ballpark for his team for free, John Moores was promoting himself as a “philanthropist”. Hey, it's easy to give away money that you stole. At other times John Moores was a “venture capitalist”. That's very interesting too, the venture capitalist angle, because the CIA is heavily involved in venture capital, though neither the business press nor the regular news media seem to find that worth writing about. Certainly CNN and that lot find it an unthinkable topic for investigation or discussion.

    Then we have Arte Moreno, the “billboard salesman”. He is now the owner of the “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” MLB team. Supposedly Arte Moreno became a billionaire selling billboards. Who knew there was that kind of money to be found in selling billboards? Of course, the cash out sale of his company that made him a billionaire came from Infinity Broadcasting, which was and still is owned by Sumner Redstone, who also owns and controls CBS, Viacom, MTV, BET, Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks.

    How did Arte Moreno sell so much billboard advertising space? Did he have a special hookup? Was the money part of a laundering operation for a certain spooky company based in Langley, Virginia? Arte Moreno's Wikipedia entry says that he is a “private guy” who declines to discuss how he became so wealthy selling billboards. Though this “private guy” is frequently on TV as owner of the Angels. In fact this “private guy” is one of the most visible owners in MLB.

    When the CIA wanted to kidnap and torture an imam named Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr in Italy they called their friend Philip H. Morse, who just happens to be part owner of the Boston Red Sox MLB baseball team. Philip H. Morse has been quoted as saying that he frequently lent his private jet to “The Company”, who painted over the identifying number and then reapplied the proper marking when they were done with the plane. So who is Philip H. Morse? Well, he's the owner of the Boston Red Sox who is never mentioned when the Red Sox ownership is discussed. How he “earned” his money is also not a topic for discussion. Drugs? Stock scams? Banking scams? All three? Who knows. Philip H. Morse is a connected guy who just happens to own part of the Boston Red Sox baseball team, and a jet plane he frequently lends to the CIA so they can kidnap and torture people in foreign countries.

    What would you want to bet that Philip H. Morse also knows Carl Lindner? And that reporters and editors at the New York Times and The New Yorker know all about these connections between big time financial criminals who just happen to be big donors to politicians, and who are friendly with the CIA. And what about those other owners of Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. How many of them are also connected to the CIA, and how did they “earn” their money used to purchase those teams? Is it just a coincidence that Jane Mayer's writing about the CIA kidnapping program in The New Yorker, and Ben Mcgrath's writing about Major League Baseball (MLB) for The New Yorker, never converge in the pages of that magazine?

    And when the associates of Carl Lindner and his ilk occasionally get pinched by the Justice Department they go camping with the Federal Bureau of Prisons for a little while, and the media act as if they were punished. This is the circle of crime that they call “Freedom, Liberty and Democracy”. And this circle of crime is running the United States of America.


  • Joseph Hirko, Enron Stock Scam artist
  • The FBI's latest big corporate prosecution is Enron stock scam artist Joseph Hirko. While the FBI is sending people with no money to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for years for uploading movies and MP3 files, Joseph Hirko who ruined the lives of thousands of people will be going camping with the Federal Bureau of Prisons for just 16 months. If you have not read the post about BOP prison camps on this blog you really need to so that you understand just what a farce and outrage the so-called conviction of Joseph Hirko is.


  • Michael Stiles
    Senior Vice President, Administration & Operations for the Philadelphia Phillies MLB team


  • In late 1995 Dr. Jose Francisco Pena Gomez was bankrolling his Dominican presidential campaign with narco-profits earned on the streets of Philadelphia,
    Baltimore, New York City and Boston. Four Pennsylvania Bureau of Narcotics Investigation (BNI) officers were all over him and his organization doing the dealing. The BNI wanted to take down the whole operation. There was a problem though. The CIA did not want the operation touched at all. The CIA wanted to know all the details, and wanted surveillance of the operation to continue, but no arrests. This way if Gomez won the election the CIA could blackmail him. The
    BNI officers refused. That is when Michael Stiles stepped in as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Michael Stiles proceeded to
    destroy the careers of the four BNI officers, not only killing the major case against Gomez and his crew, but emptying Pennsylvania state prisons of
    drug dealers put there by the four BNI officers.

    You can read about this in detail by doing a Google search for "Michael Stiles, Dominican Connection" without the quotes. It is one of the most sordid
    and corrupt cases ever in U.S. history, and has not been reported upon except by the Philadelphia Citypaper. Within six years of doing this dirty work
    for The Company (CIA), Michael Stiles would find himself working as a well paid senior executive for the Philadelphia Phillies MLB team. What does
    Stiles do to receive his big paycheck? No one really knows. The "news" papers in Philadelphia (Inquirer and Daily News) are bankrupt financially
    because they were bankrupt ethically and morally. Why read them? There is nothing in them -ever- about Michael Stiles and what he does for the Phillies
    MLB team, nor what he did to those four BNI officers who tried to do their job.

    Though The New Yorker frequently publishes articles about MLB and the CIA, The New Yorker never connects the CIA to narcotrafficking or MLB. An unfortunate situation, both because The New Yorker is an intellectual publication with a large audience, and as it is one of the few “mainstream” publications left that writes anything critical about the CIA.


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